Portrait of A Graduate

    Life in the 21st Century necessitates that public education not only provides rigorous academic content, but it must also be more deliberate about Social/Emotional Learning, fostering critical thinking, developing communication skills, providing opportunities for collaboration, inspiring creativity, and other skills our students need to succeed in this changing world.

    BASD believes it is critical to articulate a Portrait of a BASD Graduate - a collection of skills and characteristics identified to be important for success in life after high school. The Profile of a BASD Graduate not only focuses on basic content knowledge but on multi-faceted characteristics that are important to the future success of each student. We have worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop a profile that will reflect an emphasis on producing graduates with key skills/qualities that include, but also extend beyond content that is measured on high stakes, standardized tests. We have embedded components of the 4Cs (Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity) into the profile as these are necessary qualities for success in life after high school.





    Portrait of A Graduate

    Real World Knowledge


    Composition of Character

    Our work on the BASD Portrait of a Graduate is ongoing.  We encourage you to visit this page often for updates.