College Application Process

    Procedure for Submitting College Applications

    Please Note - STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for contacting Collegeboard and ACT to send official score reports to any college they wish to apply.

    General Advice
    • Process your applications as early as possible (September, October, or
      early November).
    • Be mindful of all deadlines.
    • Process your application through the Counseling Office at least one week before
      the deadline. Remember to allow extra time if you are mailing near a school holiday
      or busy time for the postal service.
    • If you apply on-line you must inform the Counseling Office so we can send your
      transcript to the college. There may also be a portion for the counselor to
      complete.  Transcripts can only be sent if a student fills out the Transcript Release
      Form found Here.
    • Give teachers & counselors a minimum of 10 days to write recommendations for you.  School Counselors require a Brag Sheet completed before writing a letter of recommendation.  Brag sheet found HERE.
    • Provide envelopes and postage to teachers & counselors to mail the recommendations.
    • Make sure you fill out all parts of the application that pertain to you.
      Make sure you sign and date your application.

     School Information

    • Name and Address: 
             Boyertown Area Senior High
             120 N. Monroe St.
             Boyertown, PA 19512
             Phone Number: (610) 473-3690
             Fax Number: (610) 473-3709
             CEEB or School Code: 390-390
    • Counselor Name:
                   Crystal McArthur- A-Det
                   Jordan Webb- Deu-Her
                   Sandra Gallagher- Hes-McC
                   Christen Mazzie- McD-Sal
                   Christy Greener- Sam-Z