Career Portfolio - 9th Grade Information

  • We believe students should begin thinking about their academic futures during their freshman year. As such, 9th grade begins the work on the Career Portfolio, a culmination of learning about college & career readiness and preparing students for their post-secondary journey. 


    2022-2023 School Year

    The following are 9th Grade Requirements:

     1st Quarter Requirements Due October 20, 2022 

     Smart Futures: Activities 1-7

    •  New Thinking About Career Success → Career Clusters and Pathways


    2nd Quarter Requirements Due January 5, 2023 

    Smart Futures: Skills: (NorthStar Videos) 

    Students must attempt each skill below, they not required to earn each badge.

    • Internet Basics
    • Using Email
    • Social Media
    • Information Literacy
    • Career Search Skills
    • Your Digital Footprint 


    3rd Quarter Requirements Due March 16, 2023

    College Visitation (Tentative, TBD)

    All students who do not attend the trip will be required to complete the alternative essay assignment. 

    • Students will spend a day touring a local college and completing a constructed response essay to be uploaded to their Career Portfolio.
    • After the essay is graded and returned with a passing score, students will upload their College Essay to Smart Futures. See upload path below:

    Title "College Visitation Essay" -> My Portfolio -> Career-Pathway Experiences /+Add -> Campus Visit (complete required info.) -> upload link (G-doc, change the rights to "Viewable by anyone").  


    4th Quarter Requirements Due May 18, 2023

    Resume (Completed in English 9 during Keystones)

    • Students will work on building a resume as part of their English class.

    Complete your resume using the Smart Futures template. See below:

    In Smart Futures Click on My Activities -> at the bottom of the page click on "My Resume"



    Additional Resources: (Students must be signed into their Google Account to access the Reflection Essay; make sure you click on "File" then "Save in G-docs").