Career Portfolio - 9th Grade Information

  • We believe students should begin thinking about their academic futures during their freshman year. As such, 9th grade begins the work on the Career Portfolio, a culmination of learning about college & career readiness and preparing students for their post-secondary journey. 


    2020-2021 School Year

    The following are 9th Grade Requirements:

     1st Quarter Requirements Postponed, due January 8, 2021 

    Smart Futures: Activities 1-7

    •  New Thinking About Career Success → Career Clusters and Pathways


    2nd Quarter Requirements Due January 8, 2021

    Smart Futures: Skills: (NorthStar Videos)

    • Internet Basics
    • Using Email
    • Social Media
    • Information Literacy
    • Career Search Skills
    • Your Digital Footprint    


    3rd Quarter Requirements Due March 18, 2021

    College Visitation & Reflective Essay (If applicable, TBD)

    • Students will spend a day touring a local college and completing a constructed response essay to be uploaded to their Career Portfolio.
    • After the essay is graded and returned with a passing score, students will upload thier College Esssay to Smart Futures. See upload path below:

    College Visitation Essay -> My Portfolio -> Work Based Learning Experiences /+Add -> Campus Visit 


    4th Quarter Requirements Due May 28, 2021

    Resume (Completed in English 9 during Keystones)

    • Students will work on building a resume as part of their English class.



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