Career Portfolio - 11th Grade Information

  • 2020-2021 School Year

    The following are the tasks that will be accomplished during Junior Year:

    Everfi Financial Literacy Signup Info Your HR teacher will provide you with the Registration Code and instructions to signup. 

    Refer to the Quick Setup Guide for clarification. 

    1st Quarter Requirements Postponed.

    2nd Quarter Requirements Due January 8, 2021

    EverFi Financial Literacy  Complete Modules 1-3 [You must earn a 70% or better to "pass" each module].

    • Banking Basics
    • Income & Employment
    • Budgeting

    3rd Quarter Requirements Due by March 18, 2021

     EverFi Financial Literacy  Complete Modules 4-7 [You must earn a 70% or better to "pass" each module].

    • Consumer Skills
    • Credit & Debit
    • Financing Higher Education
    • Insurance

     Upload your Everfi Certification using the following path:

    My Portfolio --> Uploaded Artifacts --> [Tag by Strand: Entrepreneurship]

    Include the Title: Everfi Cert

    Gathering Your Thoughts: Short overview [3-5 sentences]

    Link a File: Upload your Cert.

    **CLICK SAVE**



    4th Quarter Requirements Due by May 28, 2021

    Smart Futures Activities 11-15

    Update Resume (English 11)

    Upload to Career Portfolio: My Portfolio -> Career Acquisition / +Add -> Resume

    • In 9th grade, students created and backed up their resume into a Google Drive (Spring, 2019). Students are expected to update their resumes each year. This will help greatly when they are required to do a final update prior to their Senior Presentations.

    Job Shadow (Not Required for the 2020-2021 SY)

    • The Job Shadowing Experience is the major component to be included in the Career Portfolio for the 11th grade year. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to get first-hand day-in-the-life experience in a career that interests them. Students will be required to independently plan, schedule, participate in, and reflect on their personal "day on the job." The Job Shadow may be completed over the summer, during the school year, or in conjunction with a class or club experience. This activity will provide students with an up-close look at what a "real job" is like and what education, skill, and experiences would be necessary to enter that field after graduation from Boyertown. If the Job Shadow experience is during a school day, students must complete an Educational Trip Form obtained in the Attendance Office prior to attending their Job Shadow. Failure to complete this form may result in the student receiving an Unlawful Absence mark in their attendance record. The Job Shadow Host Evaluation as well as the Job Shadow Student Reflection Sheet must BOTH be uploaded to the student's Career Portfolio (SmartFutures). 
    • *If students were able to complete the Job Shadow Artifact/Document. See upload path below:

    Job Shadow Host Evaluation & Student Reflection Sheet -> My Portfolio -> Career Pathway Experiences -> "Job Shadow"

    • Once you upload your Host Evaluation Form, please bring a copy to Mrs. Bright in the Counselor Suite.
    • **Job Shadow Interview questions are optional to upload**


    In addition, to pass HR for the year, students must have completed all requirements from the previous years:

    • Upload Previous Artifacts or complete Smart Futures Activities 1-7
      • If a student did not upload their documents, they may only complete Smart Futures Activities 1-7. Uploaded docs are no longer accepted. 
    • Smart Futures Activities 8-10
    • Smart Futures Skills North Star Videos (Attempted, not passed)
      • Internet Basics
      • Using Email
      • Social Media
      • Information Literacy
      • Career Search Skills
      • Your Digital Footprint    
    • College Reflection Essay
    • BBEC Reflection Essay



    The following information is needed for your Job Shadowing Experience: