Career Portfolio - 10th Grade Information

  • 2021-2022 School Year

    The following are the tasks that will be accomplished during Sophomore Year:

    1st Quarter Requirements Due by October 22, 2021

    Smart Futures: Activities 8-10 

    • 8: Exp. Careers While Still at School
    • 9: Selecting Your Career Goal
    • 10: My Programs or Majors

    2nd Quarter Requirements Due by January 7, 2022

    BBEC Trip Reflection Essay OR BBEC Trip Alternative Essay

    • In conjunction with the Berks Business Education Coalition (BBEC), all students will visit a local business during the school day. This visit focuses on employability skills needed to be successful in any career choice. The day culminates with debriefing sessions and a reflecting writing that students will upload to their Career Portfolio (SmartFutures). If a student is unable to participate in the visit, an alternative assignment is required. BCTC students are welcome to participate but are not required. 


    3rd Quarter Requirements Due by March 18, 2022

    Smart Futures: Activities 11-16

    • 11: My School and College Survey
    • 12: Job Interviews
    • 13: Active Listening
    • 14: The Entrepreneur Within
    • 15: Personal Budget
    • 16: Multiple Intelligences (this is new for the 2021-2022 SY)

    4th Quarter Requirements Due by May 27, 2022

    Update Resume 

    • In 9th grade, students created a resume in thier Smart Futures account. Students are expected to update their resumes each year. This will help greatly when they are required to do a final update prior to their Senior Presentations. 


    In addition, to pass HR for the year, students must also have completed the assignments from the previous year listed below:

    • Smart Futures Activities 1-7
    • Resume Completed in Smart Futures
    • Smart Futures Skills NorthStar Videos (Attempted, not passed)
      • Internet Basics
      • Using Email
      • Social Media
      • Information Literacy
      • Career Search Skills
      • Your Digital Footprint    


    Additional Resources