Career Portfolio - 10th Grade Information

  • 2022-2023 School Year

    The following are the tasks that will be accomplished during Sophomore Year:

    1st Quarter Requirements Due by October 20, 2022

    Smart Futures: Activities 8-10 

    • 8: Exp. Careers While Still at School
    • 9: Selecting Your Career Goal
    • 10: My Programs or Majors

    2nd Quarter Requirements Due by January 5, 2023

    BBEC Trip (Postponed until Spring 2023; no assignment required at this time.)


    BBEC Trip Reflection Essay OR BBEC Trip Alternative Essay

    • In conjunction with the Berks Business Education Coalition (BBEC), all students will visit a local business during the school day. This visit focuses on employability skills needed to be successful in any career choice. The day culminates with debriefing sessions and a reflecting writing that students will upload to their Career Portfolio (SmartFutures). If a student is unable to participate in the visit, an alternative assignment is required. BCTC students are welcome to participate but are not required. 
    • BCTC students do not need to complete this activity.
    • Title "BBEC Reflection Essay" -> My Portfolio -> Career Awareness & Preparation -> Tag "Preparation for Careers" (complete required info.) -> upload link (G-doc, change the rights to "Viewable by anyone").  


    3rd Quarter Requirements Due by March 16, 2023

    Smart Futures: Activities 11-16

    • 11: My School and College Survey
    • 12: Job Interviews
    • 13: Active Listening
    • 14: The Entrepreneur Within
    • 15: Personal Budget
    • 16: Multiple Intelligences (this is new for the 2021-2022 SY)

    4th Quarter Requirements Due by May 18, 2023

    Update Resume 

    • In 9th grade, students created a resume in their Smart Futures account. Students are expected to update their resumes each year. This will help greatly when they are required to do a final update prior to their Senior Presentations. 


    In addition, to pass HR for the year, students must also have completed the assignments from the previous year listed below:

    • Smart Futures Activities 1-7
    • Resume Completed in Smart Futures
    • Smart Futures Skills NorthStar Videos (Attempted, not passed)
      • Internet Basics
      • Using Email
      • Social Media
      • Information Literacy
      • Career Search Skills
      • Your Digital Footprint    


    Additional Resources