•  Join the Boyertown Area School District for the Nutrition Habit Challenge!

    NHC 2020  

     BASD wellness commitee would like to invite  you to participate in a community-wide wellness initiative, the Nutrition Habit Challenge 2020. The Challenge lines up well with our values, goals, and objectives, and our hope is that you and your family decide to participate.

    The Nutrition Habit Challenge provides the education, motivation and inspiration to make healthy, manageable changes in our lives. It is truly a win/win…

    ? You win by making a positive change in your and your family’s diet/lifestyle.

    ? Our community wins as we work together to improve our health habits.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Register for the Challenge (Register Here) by 2/2/20. Registration is free and simple.
    • Commit to one nutritional behavior you would like to change. You can choose from a list of nutritional behaviors (Commitment categories) or come up with your own.
    • Keep track of all days you successfully practice your nutritional behavior between the dates of February 3rd and March 1st. If you are successful for 25 out of 28 days, you become eligible for prizes.
    • Email your score card (Scorecard) to wellness@boyertownasd.org or send to the Ed. Center (Attn to Lucie Bergeyova)
    • Winners will be announced on 3/11/20.

    Get your family together and discuss what each of you can do to make healthier nutrition choices. From there, make simple commitments, get registered, and hold each other accountable. Not only will it be fun, but also you will be modeling personal responsibility and leadership for those you love. It is also an opportunity to model and practice integrity...the Challenge is done on the honor system.



    NHC 2020 Letter

    Registration Forms

    NHC 2020 Scorecard

    NHC 2020 Commitment Categories