• Fall Football

    What is Fall Football Challenge? The Fall Fitness Football Challenge is designed to enhance your health and fitness. The goal is to complete cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility exercises as well as eating healthy to gain yardage and advance down the field.

    Program Length: 6 Weeks (October 21 – November 30)

    Registration: Sign-up HERE for FREE!! Teams of 2 players. One person is in charge of signing up your team. The person who signs up your team will be your team captain. The team captain will also be in charge of submitting your yards each week. You and your teammate will need to come up with a team name prior to signing up. *Deadline to sign up is October 20th*
     *If both players are students who don’t use email, just make sure the email used to sign up belongs to the parent who will be in charge of emailing the total yards each week.  

    Who Can Be My Partner/Teammate: Any BASD student, student family member, staff, staff family member or local community member.

    How to Play: Starting at the goal line, you will begin performing cardio, resistance, and flexibility exercises to gain yardage and progress down the field.

    How to earn yards:
    1 yard = 10 minutes of Cardiovascular Exercise

    1 yard = 10 minutes of Resistance & Core Training

    1 yard = 10 minutes of Flexibility Exercise

    1 yard= For each serving of fruit you eat every day

    1 yard= For each serving of vegetables you eat every day

    For every 100 yards your team gets, you score a touchdown (7 points).
    At the beginning of each week you will receive a “Play of the Week” email describing opportunities to achieve additional bonus yardage. Bonus activities must be completed within the week they are specified. There is only one activity per week and it cannot be carried over into the following week.

    How to Submit Yards: At the conclusion of each week, the team captain will receive a Google Form to fill out via email. Make sure you add up both players’ yards before submitting the form.

     How to Win: The TOP 3 Teams with the most points earned at the end of the 6-week program wins the game and a victory prize. ALSO, every team who scores 42 points (6 Touchdowns) or more by the end of the program will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes. Prizes include: $25 Giant Gift Card, $25 Jay Lanes Bowling Gift Card, Free Rita’s Italian Ice, DICK’S Sporting Goods coupons 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What constitutes as cardiovascular exercise? Exercises that keep your heart rate elevated over a sustained period of time. Examples; treadmill, bike, elliptical, Stairmaster, rowing machine, Versa Climber, jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, etc.

    What constitutes as resistance training? The purpose of resistance training is to improve muscular strength and endurance by working your muscles against resistance. This includes utilizing resistance machines, free weights, your own body weight, etc.

    What constitutes as flexibility exercise? Flexibility training includes stretching exercises for the purpose of increasing one’s range of motion. Being flexible gives you more freedom of movement for other exercises as well as your everyday activities.  Examples: yoga, stretching, Pilates, ROM, etc.

    What is the maximum amount of exercise or healthy eating we can perform in one week? There is no maximum amount for either. 

    How Do I Keep Track of My Points? Print out a scorecard HERE. This will make it really easy for you to keep track of your points each day. You will submit your points each week via email.

     How Do I Sign up? Go to Fall Football Challenge Sign Up to sign up! Deadline to sign up is October 20th!

     Good Luck!