• Walktober

    Mindful Walktober is a FREE, 31 day wellness challenge designed to motivate students, staff, families and the community to become more active. October is a great month for walking due to mild weather and the beautiful changing colors. This is the perfect opportunity for you, your friends and your family to incorporate walking and mindfulness into your daily routine.

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    Mindful WALKtober Flyer

    How does the challenge work? Starting October 1st, your goal is to walk a minimum of 20 minutes every day while practicing one of the mindfulness techniques. For every day you complete this goal, you earn a “leaf”. In order to be eligible to win a prize, you will need to earn 23 or more leaves for the entire month!

    How do I keep track of my leaves? Go to https://www.boyertownasd.org/Page/5628 and print out the official scorecard. The directions and mindfulness techniques are listed on the scorecard. 

    Do I have to walk? No, the minimum intensity level is a walk. If you want to jog/run instead of walk, that is acceptable.

    What mindfulness activities do I have to do? Possible mindfulness activities/techniques are listed on the back of the scorecard. You can practice as many of these activities as you want. You do not have to complete them in any specific order – just choose the ones you like or invent your own. In order to earn a “leaf” for the day, you must practice one (or more) mindfulness techniques while you walk. 

    What if weather is bad and I can’t walk outside?  If the weather is bad, you may perform 20 minutes of exercise indoors instead of walking outside that day.

    How do I sign up?  Please sign up anytime between September 28th and October 9th. Visit https://www.boyertownasd.org/Page/5628 to register. You must have an email address to sign up and participate.

    Who can sign up? Any BASD student, staff, staff family member, or member of the BASD community is encouraged to participate. If you are signing up as a family, each family member must sign up separately.

    Does it cost anything to sign up? No, it is FREE! You have nothing to lose!

    Why should I participate? If you successfully complete the challenge, you will be entered in a random drawing for one of our prizes. The grand prize is a $50 Giant Gift Card.

    Any questions?

    Please contact the BASD Wellness Committee: wellness@boyertownasd.org


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