• 2012 - Feasibility Study Introduction

    This Feasibility Study, completed by EI Associates, as commissioned by the Board of School Directors, is intended as a tool in evaluating the Boyertown Area School District’s current and future facility needs and expenditures.

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that School Districts complete a Feasibility Study of all facilities owned by the School District as part of receiving State reimbursement for a PlanCon project. The study must provide an appraisal of the ability of existing schools to meet current and planned educational programs and space needs including an analysis of projected enrollment. The District-wide feasibility study requirements are outlined on the following pages.

    This study has been compiled using data gathered at recent meetings with District Administrators. Visits to the buildings have been conducted to evaluate their compliance with Department of  Education Standards; International Building Codes; Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Standards; National Plumbing and Electrical Codes; and the American Disability Act Accessibility Standards. The Feasibility Study began with a tour of each existing building to evaluate its size, age, condition, suitability as an educational facility and potential for upgrading or expansion. Discussions took place with the School District, following the building tours, to confirm current and projected building usage and school programs, and also to explore possible future changes in program and developments that might affect the study.

    The following topics are covered within the study:

    • An overview of the Boyertown Area School District that considers such factors as geography, population, and wealth. Distinguishing characteristics that will have an impact on Boyertown Area School District’s facilities are identified such as geographically separate population
    • An analysis of Boyertown Area School District’s projected enrollment, including population projection charts 10 years into the future for grade groupings K-5; 7-9, 10-12; and K-12.
    • An overview of Boyertown Area School District’s educational program that highlights special facility needs, including curriculums that would require special design
    • An analysis of each building’s capacity as it relates to the educational
    • Existing educational trends, future technologies, and future learning strategies/activities are considered as part of this evaluation as criteria to judge a facility and to determine its long-range usefulness as a school.
    • An analysis of each building's physical condition includes the following: Current building codes, PA Department of Education Standards, energy conservation measures, and the America Disability Act Accessibility Standards (ADA). The analysis is divided into at least seven major facility components: Site; Exterior of Building; Interior of Building; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; Plumbing; Electrical; and Code Evaluation; as well as applicable components including Security, IT and Communications, and Educational
    • An analysis of construction options, including cost estimates, and a summary depicting buildings, options, and costs.