• Dear Parents, Teachers and Residents of the Boyertown Area School District:

    The Boyertown Area School District is providing notification that the asbestos management plan is available for review by all interested parties. In order to see the asbestos management plan please contact the office of your local school and make arrangements to review the management plan in the office.

    Boyertown Area School District has been diligent in removing asbestos containing materials. With each building renovation where appropriate, all detected asbestos containing building materials have been removed. Boyertown Middle School West is currently undergoing renovations. All detected asbestos containing materials will be removed in construction phases over the next several years.

    In addition Boyertown Area School District has completed the mandated three-year asbestos re-inspection as mandated by the EPA. Environmental concerns within the Boyertown Area School District buildings remain the highest priority to enhance the learning environment and health and safety of our students and staff.