• In accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which was signed into law in December 2015 and reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1956 (ESEA), parents and guardians within schools operating with Federal Title I funds are annually notified of the right to request professional qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals as well as information on assessments provided within the school entity.

    As stipulated under federal law, parents/guardians may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teacher(s). Specifically, individuals have the right to ask for the following information:
    • Whether the student’s teacher met state qualifying and licensing criteria for the grade level or subject he/she is teaching;
    • Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency certificate or another provisional status;
    • The teacher’s college major, the baccalaureate degree, and/or any advanced degrees earned by the teacher;
    • Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

    Please submit your request in writing to the address listed below to obtain this information. Each request should include the student’s name, his/her teachers’ names, and the school he/she attends. Please be sure to include your name, address, and a telephone number at which you can be contacted during the day. Thank you.

    Boyertown Area School District
    Human Resources Department
    911 Montgomery Avenue
    Boyertown, PA 19512