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  • Special Education Contacts


    The Boyertown Area School District provides extensive educational services and supports for students with special needs.  These services include Learning Support (LS), Life Skills Support (LSS), Emotional Support (ES), and Autistic Support (AS).  Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing support, and vision services are also provided for eligible students requiring these services due to an educational need.  



    District Special Education Department 
    120 N. Monroe Street 
    Boyertown, PA 19512 

    Phone: 610-473-3610 
    FAX: 610-369-7353



    Kalyn M. Bartman, Director of Special Education K-12

    Maegan McCord, Supervisor of Elementary Special Education
    Stacey Thierry, Supervisor of Secondary Special Education

    Stacy Morton, Transition Coordinator and Special Education Liaison
    Jacqueline Carney, Special Education Liaison
    Stacey Miller, Special Education Liaison
    Colleen Ritter, Special Education Liaison


    Juliana J. Caltagirone, School Psychologist
    Sarah Garner, School Psychologist
    Jennifer Hiestand, School Psychologist
    Dr. Dana Sinclair, School Psychologist


    Missy L. Haas, Administrative Assistant
    Carla Stephens, Administrative Assistant

    TBD, ACCESS Coordinator